Manuscript Submissions

Minimal Press currently has an open submissions policy. We will read and review un-agented manuscripts and proposals for poetry, fiction and non-fiction novels. Please read the following instructions carefully. We will not review any submissions that do not follow these guidelines.

Due to the great number of submissions we receive, we cannot respond to individual submissions unless we have further interest. You may assume that after two months we are not interested in publishing your work.

You may send your work to other publishers at the same time. We do not require exclusive submissions.


  • Include a cover letter in the body of your email
  • Include contact information with phone number
  • Attach manuscripts as WORD documents (preferred) or PDFs. File sizes cannot be larger than 4MB.
  • Subject line must be formatted according to individual category guidelines. Emails that do not use the subject line formatting may not be read.
  • Send your manuscript to

Query letter (in body of email) should include the following:

  • Brief story pitch
  • Short bio mentioning previous publications or other background information relevant to your story
  • Please provide titles for up to three comparative books published in the past five years. These should be books that have a similar audience to your book and that you feel will compare with your book in the marketplace. Briefly explain how your manuscript is different from these books.

For fiction and non-fiction:

Please include the following sample materials:

  • Story synopsis and/or chapter summary
  • Story excerpt with first three chapters (full manuscript will also be acceptable)
  • Text should be easy to read. Preferably 12 Times New Roman, double spaced
  • Attach manuscripts as WORD documents (preferred) or PDFs

For poetry

Please send your entire poetry manuscript or at least ten poems. Text should be easy to read. Preferably 12 Times New Roman, double spaced


  • Send email and attachments to
  • Subject line should read for example: Genre (poetry) and (story title) by (author name)

PS. We are not fussy about word count!