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Bhubesi is a little girl from the City about to start school! She Soon finds out that she is, in Some ways, different from the other kids. This leads her on a journey of discovery to find out who she really is. Could it have something to do with the lion in the parking lot?

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  1. Sylvia

    ‘Bhubesi’ is a wonderful story about self-love, acceptance of oneself and also discovery of the self. It reminded me of the following scene in Narnia between Aslan and Lucy.

    Lucy Pevensie: “I didn’t mean to choose all of that. I just wanted to be beautiful like Susan. That’s all.”

    Aslan: “You wished yourself away and with it much more… You doubt your value. Don’t run from who you are.”

    This girl, Bhubesi, struggles in her new school with the fact that she is so different from the other children. Their hair is more beautiful, their skin is not the same as hers and they seem to ignore her. Her mother hears her cry but tries to show her that every soul is unique and special. “You are beautiful just as you are. Africa is inside you. You are my lioness princess.” But Bhubesi does not seem to believe it. If she is so special, why do the other children not interact with her? It seems as if they are afraid of her. One night Bhubesi and her cat, Fee-fee, go to bed and fall asleep after a long day of school and homework. Later that night Fee-fee comes to Bhubesi to wake her. There is a visitor for her. But who can it be, that time of night, surely her mother would wake soon? However, Fee-fee persuades her to go outside to meet the mysterious visitor. Will this mysterious visitor convince her to accept herself just as she is? Maybe the visitor will show her how to embrace her roots and what she truly stands for.

    This book is completed by colourful illustrations which will open the children’s minds to this African tale. The illustrations set the mood of the story and will help children to strongly identify with the different and unique characters. The illustrations truly add understanding and substance to the written story.

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